By The Lone Trail Wanderer

Hi, my name is AJ and I’m the Lone Trail Wanderer.

Two of my passions in life are hiking and writing.  While I’ve been writing for many years, I have only been hiking for the past few.  In late 2011 I decided to bring the two passions together and started:  The Lone Trail Wanderer.  A blog about the hikes I had completed around Australia.

In early 2013, I began travelling through South America, writing about the places I’ve been and the hikes I have completed there.

Now, a year into my travels, I have decided to put together this blog about hiking itself.   Over the coming months (and years) I will be posting about everything hiking from a beginners perspective.


My travels and hiking are to continue as I move through Central America, the United Kingdom and then in late 2014, Asia.  Until then I will continue writing…

Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

The Lone Trail Wanderer


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