Welcome to The Philosophy Of Hiking Blog

The Philosophy of Hiking is a blog aimed at providing information for those just getting started in the hiking world.

The aim of this blog is to provide advice on many aspects of hiking including:

  • equipment types, uses and suitability
  • packing guides, food selections, camping and safety
  • hiking in different climates, different temperatures and different environments
  • and many other areas.

The information here is provided based upon the experience of the author and is a general guideline only. The more you hike the more your own knowledge will evolve to best suit you and your individual needs.


What isn’t included in this blog?
Because this blog is aimed at the beginning hiker, it will not include information on sports closely associated with hiking such as rocking climbing, ice climbing, trail running and other more intense sports similar to these. It is also impossible to cover every aspect of hiking in a single blog, the aim is to give a base for building your own experience only.

The Philosophy of Hiking is not aimed at single day bush walks. In this a blog, a hike is considered a multi day activity with overnight periods spent at camping areas or refuges set up for the purpose. While some of the information provided here will be relevant to bush walking, much of it will not be suitable.


Why Hike?
Hiking is about exploring places in the world that are often remote or only inaccessible by foot. While many hikes are situated near cities or within urban areas, the best hikes are those away from vehicles, pollution, work, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and for the most part, other people.

Hiking is a physical activity that allows you to climb mountains, explore vast expanses of wilderness, find hidden waterfalls and most importantly, become closer to nature. It is a means to be with our world, whether alone or with a group of friends, and to watch nature at its best. There is a vastness of beauty in the world that can only be witnessed by the hiker.

To hike means to learn survival skills, to be self sufficient and compact. In a society that often teaches us that more is better, hiking is about learning to survive with less. It’s a simpler life far away from everyday life. Hiking can also be a meditative experience. After a time in nature the mad rush of everyday thoughts seem to slip away into nothingness and the focus moves to the silence of nature.

Nature deserves your attention, your respect and your love,

The Trail Wanderer


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